Real-Time Rendering of Glinty Appearances using Distributed Binomial Laws on Anisotropic Grids

Thomas Deliot
Intel Corporation
Laurent Belcour
Intel Corporation

Published in HPG 2023

paper video (yt) code demo demo (teaser)


In this work, we render in real-time glittery materials caused by discrete flakes on the surface. To achieve this, one has to count the number of flakes reflecting the light towards the camera within every texel covered by a given pixel footprint. To do so, we derive a counting method for arbitrary footprints that, unlike previous work, outputs the correct statistics. We combine this counting method with an anisotropic parameterization of the texture space that reduces the number of texels falling under a pixel footprint. This allows our method to run with both stable performance and 1.5× to 5× faster than the state-of-the-art.